September’s Free Pattern is Almost Here!

It’s a cowl. And a different cowl. And a third cowl. And a headband/earwarmer. For a quick and simple free pattern, it got out of hand really fast.

September’s free pattern is about ready to go live! You’ll be able to find it here when it does. (It will probably run through mid-October, and overlap with October’s bonus pattern, which goes pretty well with this one…)

It doesn’t have a very good name; I’ve titled it after the stitch inspiration, so far (though this is a little different–a modified version of the stitch itself, plus altered to knit up in the round, which is frankly easier, for me, than working it flat). I ended up spending a lot of time on what was really meant to be a quick, chunky-knit, easy pattern–easy for me to write as well as easy to work–but it got out of hand, and while it’s still a relatively simple and quick project, it ended up having four variations written out. You can knit four different projects from this pattern: a headband/neckwarmer, a basic cowl, a larger cowl with shaping, and the largest version, which will fit some as a capelet and fit everyone as a big cowl. Gauge is a little important–if you knit it too tight, the smallest won’t fit, and the larger ones won’t fit right–but not as important as it would be for a sweater.

If you knit this in handspun, I really want to see it! I’ll be lurking generally on the activity thread for my pattern page, but specifically hopeful about art-yarn cowl possibilities; if I have time, I might make another one myself.

Thanks for reading! If you knit the ribboned stockinette cowl, I hope you like it.


Spring Feverish Series Sale, because it’s springtime somewhere, right?

I’ve just updated the Spring Feverish patterns! Now when you purchase all four of them, they’re only $3 per pattern, which is about $6 off what the total would be if you purchased them all separately, although in this case if you did purchase one of these previously, and did it via Ravelry, it will still count towards the set of four. So. You’d get a retroactive discount, sort of.

Four patterns, $12US, nice mini-projects, and every one can be worn as a neckerchief or a headwrap by average adults.  Here’s a handy link to all four.

New knitting patterns up! Very Large Array shawl & Flatlander Scarf.

Realistically, I’m about two months behind on my pattern goals for 2017, but August did see two new projects! The first was VLA shawl: a shawl knit up in 3 skeins of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok 150, very large and pretty simple. It’s knit from the bottom up, so there’s no long bind-off edge involved, and the pace of the project picks up as you go along. It makes a nice cozy project for fall. DSC_0004 (1) (678x1024)

It’s $5 US at the moment.

The second pattern is related to VLA, a kind of companion knit! (These are related to each other, and to the Dog Days 1 mini-project.) It was offered as a free download at least through 9/4/17, and after that, it will be available for a small fee. See it here on Ravelry.DSC_0029 (6) (1024x678)

It’s very hazy here, due to the wildfires burning in other places, and there’s a no-active-outdoors stuff advisory for the Front Range apparently, and I’ve kind of chosen to pay attention to it because it is really pretty rough out there from a breathing/visibility perspective. So I am dealing with super weird summer cabin fever, and not proud of it, because “can’t run around outside adequately” seems like a small concern in the scheme of things.

quick sizing update for Machina shawl

SO I’ve been trying–for the whole year so far–to design within my yarn limitations, because I’ve built up pretty decent stash without really being a comfortable-with-stash person, and there is a lot of yarn, and if I go haring off after every idea and buying flashy new yarn for it, I won’t use what’s here. (There is also the Expense to consider.) This has been going reasonably well! For the most part, my yarn stores are dwindling in a noticeable way. I might write more about it and my plans in a week or two, or in several months, going by my rate of posting here, but the main topic is a pattern update!

I’m going to try to be really clear without being so specific that no one ever buys a pattern from me again.



I’ve had a lot of people comment on the desire for some larger sizes, so here’s a quick, informal sizing guide! It’s pretty rough, with no real yardage estimates–you’ll want more yarn than the basic pattern requires, because your starting point is going to be wider and you’ll work at the same rate of increase. (I would kind of recommend using extra yarn if you’ve got it anyway–my original idea for this was to add a final repeat of brioche rib, but I ran out and ended up liking the one-skein version anyway.)

Each size up adds about 3″-3.4″ to the size before, so going by memory, when this piece is worn like a capelet, the small collar is about 14″; the medium should end up being about 17″-17.4″ (the cast-on edge is a little tighter than the overall gauge), and the large should be 20″-20.4″.

SIZE SMALL: CO 65 sts. Follow instructions as written.

SIZE MEDIUM: CO 77 sts–and add one to the first […, kx] instruction in the main pattern–for example, if it says k5, k6; if it says k6, then k7. After that, follow the instructions as written. This is probably pretty intuitive if you’re working from the .PDF!

SIZE LARGE: CO 89 sts, and add two to the first […, kx].

In context, this should be pretty obvious, and the pattern is easy to discern. If you’ve got the pattern on hand and that doesn’t make sense for you, please let me know!

If you don’t have the pattern, and want it, here’s the link to the current .PDF! It currently costs a mere $5.

Spring Feverish 2!


Spring Feverish 2 is live! springfeverishsmallgauge

It’s a little scarf!springfeverish2main

There’s also a centered decrease discussion post just past this one, if you’re interested in that kind of thing. (It’s related to this kerchief.) I’ve actually gotten some kind notes and encouragement on the Terrible Techniques series, which is a little bit beyond my ken, though I really appreciate it in a sort of baffled way. Thanks!