One Way to Tie a Scarf: Handmade Wardrobe How-To

Last night we had our first snow of the season, so this quick tutorial on scarf-tying seems like an appropriate post. It’s sweater and scarf and possibly even jacket weather here. weaving 048 (848x1280)

To tie a scarf this way, you must first invent the universe. Haha, I kid: all you have to do, really, is weave or knit a scarf. You only have to invent the universe if you want an apple pie.  For this quick scarf-tying post, I’m using a pretty nice scarf I made from handspun yarn and alpaca-silk thread: find it for sale here.

First step:

Weave, knit, or procure cool scarf. It should be fairly long, at least five feet – this tie uses up just about all of a 66″ inch wrap. You can do it with at least 60″, I think; a shorter scarf might be a little trickier.

Lay short end over long end.

weaving 037 (942x1280)

Bring long end over and around the short end, up over your shoulder.

weaving 041 (1280x848)

Take long end around shoulder, so that it lays over the short end, parallel to it.

weaving 043 (848x1280)

See how the scarf is now like that classic scarf knot with both ends through a loop formed by the center of the scarf, but in this case has one end free and one contained by that loop? (You could also use the classic loop as a starting point for this knot.) Thread the long end under I the upper side of the loop, over the lower.

weaving 046 (1280x848)

Pull through and adjust!

weaving 047 (1280x848)

This tie is cozy, super secure, and good-looking. I like it.

weaving 048 (848x1280)

So that’s one way to tie a scarf!


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