Hatterday Sale!

It’s the last weekend in September, so I’m throwing a Hatterday Sale, which I slated to begin today, possibly in order to make sure it was as confusing as possible. It also lasts past Saturday, ending Sunday at midnight, but it is based around Saturday because how can you not basically design your best hat sale around calling it Hatterday?

Everything in the Hat Section is 20% off this weekend, from now til midnight Sunday. They’re handmade with care and lots of experience (I sort of mean skill but I can’t say skill because that is sort of immodest), ship wrapped up nicely in minimalist packing, and are all ready to go within a few business days of purchase for the most part, unless otherwise specified. It is a pretty good chance to build your handmade wardrobe with high-quality fall and winter gear and support and indie designer/maker – thanks for reading!

Here’s a quick set of hats from the shop – they’re a little on the chunky knit side of the spectrum of hats I make, but they’re cozy and stand out to me at the moment. (For a finer knit beanie, I’d also recommend Hallgrímur.)

A big slouchy beanie in soft black wool blend chunky yarn. One of my few crochet pieces, but pretty popular overall, and pretty huge! I like the giant-hat silhouette for fall especially. They pair nicely with smart jackets. I love the slouchy oversized soft textile accessories – knitwear or crochet work – paired with an almost-tailored look.


Mori Girl With an Ax
A soft cream or natural white bonnet with a mori-girl look and a pixie point. Once you start calling a hat Mori Girl With an Ax it’s really hard to stop, but I’m trying.


navigator, navigator
Navigator in the chunkiest form so far, knit in an autumnal gold. This textured stitch lends itself really well to wear as a slouchy beanie or as a folded-brim watchcap, so it’s a lot of styling versatility in one hat. Nice for minimalism or travel.


russet and rust
Navigator in a slightly lighter but still pretty chunky yarn – gorgeous fall color, russets and rust. This one has a bit of copper sparkle, and the photo shows how it can be worn as a traditional folded-brim winter hat as well as being slouched back. One of my favorites this year.

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