two quick things:

First thing: I am really happy with how this design turned out. It’s my own take on the rustic-woodland-fantasy trend, and it came out much better than I’d hoped. Want it? It’s up for purchase here and here.

button cape, unbuttoned. button cape, alternate view rustic closeup cape button cape, back.

Second! I finally got up the courage to work on a stand-alone Mouse Army shop. This winter will be the Battle of the Venues as I try to find a good decent home for my handmade fall/winter collections. Will it be the Etsy? (Slightly more fees!) or the Bigcartel? (Fewer fees! But less traffic!) I’ve gotta cut one, eventually, because I feel oversubscribed, and just had a sudden understanding of what I really want this handmade project to be and what I want it to do. Anyhow! This is almost certainly the only time I’ll be trying to give them equal time in a post! It’s a flawed experiment! But I am really excited about the cape.


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