Yarn Club Is Back!

Yarn club is back at awkward!

This time, they’re offered in two different formats – Yarn Pod, which is one pod of three or six skeins of yarn (your choice!) all at once, in one very good mail-day delivery, or Yarn Subscription, which is three or six skeins spread out over three months. The latter option might disappear soon, since I like the Yarn Pod idea better all around AND do not want to have outstanding subscriptions in their final month when I go off on summer adventures (there might be summer adventures: looking very casually at whether a dog can accompany me on a sheep and organic produce farm internship, also other things).

(It also strikes me that if one were to buy a surprise Yarn Pod, and one found this Yarn Pod very much to one’s liking, one could purchase Yarn Pod as often as one wanted, replicating the experience of a Yarn Club, but better. This would not be gauche, although I would probably be a bit aw-shucks and astonished at that level of support for my little projects, you know?)

If you like supporting handmade, if you like yarn, if you like good mail days that involve random CSA style yarn deliveries in pods, Yarn Pod is possibly for you!

rust yarn My yarn style is constantly evolving and changing; right now I am very big on elaborate blends and traditional yarn structures, and aside from the Yarn Pod project, I’m starting to veer towards exclsively spinning only for my own work, not for yarn in the shop. Yarn Pod gives you an exclusive taste of that ongoing evolution. yarn.Your Yarn Pod purchase buys you yarn lovingly crafted with care, experience, and a generous helping of natural materials (I use some sparkle, Tencel, and bamboo rayon sometimes, but wool and linen are the best, I think).
big big 040 (848x1280)You can find Yarn Pod Yarn Club at awkward, for now. The more official-like Mouse Army store might have its own version of Yarn Pod soon, though.


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