Four days til Leif launches!

borin 014 (1280x1208)May 1st is the official pattern launch for Leif my first proper pattern fro 2015!

tribbles 004 (848x1280)

Doing deliberate work as a pattern-designer has been a very different experience to my usual approach as a finished-garment designer; as the latter, I almost never do the same thing exactly the same way twice, ever, and if I do there’s a lot of space between projects. With this project (and oh, this project. This is the start of it. This whole summer is a project) there’s much more repetition, trying to knuckle down and decide what works best before anyone else sees it.

The pattern itself is at the point where it needs to be left alone, with no more noodling and little changes. I’m doing one more in the largest size to check yardages, but since everything else has been checked twice, it might bear less fiddling than any of the others so far. And I may be just beginning to fantasize about knitting other things…


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