Mending Stitch.

June’s mouse army handknitting pattern is called Mending Stitch Shawl. 

mending stitch 007 (1024x678)Mending Stitch is a traditional shawl-shape with an unusual non-lacy design – it’s got a subtle texture pattern instead of the usual lace! It knits in only about 420 yards of luxe fingering-weight yarn – I designed it for a variegated colorway, but it looks gorgeous and luxurious in nice fingering-weight handspun, too, so it makes a great spinning project for any style. (Spin for it in one continuous 420-yards-ish skein, or approach it as a takealong spindle project, choose 4-5 oz of nice fluff, and spin for it as you go.)

mending stitch 028 (800x530)

I’m currently testing more yarns to go with this, so I can add more yarns to the project page for those who don’t currently spin their own yarn – as soon as my current Mending Stitch shawl is done (a big one, in heavier handspun around a sportweight, with two extra repeats in it), I’ll be winding some Malabrigo Mechita for the next test.

mending stitch 032 (581x800)

The pattern is brief and well-crafted, coming in very light in terms of pages. (I like pages. I like to go on a bit. That’s why Leif Evolver is a book-size project, really. So it doesn’t mean a pattern from me is more difficult if it weighs in at a shocking 20 pages – what a 20 page pattern from me would be is probably full of extras and digressions organized separately from the main pattern instruction pages; I have not written a 20-pager yet –  but it does meant that this one is very concise because I was worried about being concise.) So that’s Mending Stitch!


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