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It is exciting, but I am kinda amused at myself for being relatively unenthralled by the very pretty hand-dyed stuff because I also got PLAIN COTTON YARN for weaving


(I might really need something like that – something quiet and practical where it is what it is, and you end up with a length of cloth or a made object from a length of cloth and it’s just what it is, and of course there are subjective values to it, and you can think it is totally ugly while I love it to stupid pieces, but ultimately is it a cloth? is it still a cloth now or did it wear out prematurely? y/n. also, weaving is not very portable, or something you [really: I] can do while you read or involve yourself in other things; weaving is Alone Time. Anyway, I am surprised by my reaction to this cotton as soothing, since I am still pretty big into a non-yarn-accumulating phase, and even though this yarn essentially amounts to the entire projected 2015 Summer/preFall/Fall awkward/mouse army Collection, whatever that will be in the end,* it’s still a lot of yarn without as immediate a purpose as the pattern-test stuff; I had genuinely expected to feel slightly anxious and unhappy, knowing this is yarn that should stick around all year.** But instead, I am just pretty stoked about the weaving.)

ALSO I finished a prototype and took a decent photo of a little snippet of it and now I don’t know what to do because it will take me at least a month to have the whole thing done and then more time to have it checked and the real professionals don’t go posting pretty photos just because they’re so pretty; they are cool and level-headed and don’t. right.

*I feel very far behind on this, and am; a few weeks ago I had a lot of interest in my summery market bags, and got the sweetest notes about them, but I was knitting shrugs then and couldn’t really replace them as they sold. And the market bags I was making were surprisingly labor-intensive.

**Ideally that means “through August,” but pragmatically it might be literal.

This is a cross-post from the mousearmymittenco tumblr. 


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