IMG_20150613_093750_971 (1024x577) IMG_20150613_101926_668 (1024x542)IMG_20150613_084827_432 IMG_20150613_094746_618 (1024x577)
IMG_20150613_094224_976 (1024x577)


Made out like proverbial bandit 

(not like a real bandit as I assume a real bandit would have stolen one of the little sheep dogs or something just for the sake of form)

I GOT A VERY PRETTY FLEECE in shades of fawn and light toffee (I had specific intentions to break away from my usual habits – I am a huge sucker for natural gunmetal greys. I think they are more properly called emsket? with black and light greys following; I have a palette or am in a rut, depending on your perspective  – so I was looking out for chestnut red/brown and fawn colors this year), and one in gunmetal to light grey (it has a very interesting abrupt change from back with auburn tips to grey spots; there is no break or weak spot where the color changes – it all looks good down the length of a lock and stands up to stress-test sharp tugs on it – but it is distinct and interesting-looking), hit or miss alpaca (it is nice, in fact as nice as or better than the 2oz bag I bought at a Colorado yarn shop last fall, and priced very low, but then I went to the alpaca raiser’s tent and found the seriously planned and bred for fiber and fineness and it was the nicest alpaca I had ever seen or felt. It was amazing), and near-cashmere-fine young alpaca that put the previously awesome alpaca score in the shade a bit.

REGRETS: I am not sure I have real regrets, but I am aware of the things I did not buy; I was probably equally wanton and cautious/reasonable, equally ain’t-give-a-damn about space considerations and, well, considerate of them. I skipped a white-and-light-grey fleece, silver alpaca, and black alpaca, and did not buy a Souvenir Yarn although I expected I would. Also did not buy a sort of blue-caramel fiber bunny and was mildly shocked when my extended family were disappointed by the “I bought an alpaca for the kid” joke was a joke, and the alpaca was a tiny stuffed toy.

PHOTOS! More information about them than you want!

  • A SMALL SHEEP wishes we could be friends and/or wonders why I am such an idiot and don’t understand a sheep asking to be petted and fed
  • A SMART DOG herds blase sheep
  • LLAMAS AWAIT their turn in the llama competition
  • THESE ALPACAS look slightly like my dog. 
  • MORE SHEEP. I’d name ‘em all Spot.

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