The Murph, and the One-Sheep Sweater in General.

this 007 (1024x678)

So I have this thing where I think that every singular fleece needs to make at least one singular sweater; one sheep went into it, or at least one distinct sheep provided most of the wool, and one sheep is worthy of a distinct garment that will with care outlast the sheep, even though the sheep is generally going to be a well-kept specialty wool breed with years ahead of it, etc. Since this is not always necessarily the most economical use of a fantastic fleece for me (it is much quicker finding a home for good mittens than for a good sweater), I tried to get past it, get over it, or something, but I haven’t so far.

And so! Today begins the Murph cardigan, from a sheep called Murphy. (Having spent so much time washing this fleece I feel like we know each other, though we don’t, and I can dispense with formality.) It’s worked up through the shoulders now. I’m trying to faithfully record it on the Ravelry for sake of habit, but I probably won’t. 


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