a thing I’ve been meaning to do.

our rivals! 017 (678x1024)

Some summer yarn pictures, and a sale in the shop

I used this handspun to weave a scarf.

A couple of weeks ago I did some quick math to figure out, using a pretty nebulous average materials cost, how many scarves I would actually have to make and sell at $X price point in order to afford what I think (rightly or delusionally) would be the ideal fiber arts studio set up. The answer was 220-260, depending, and on one hand this hardly sounds that bad – I like weaving, and I like the results, and I like to spin for it; I like packing up my scarves in crisp plain paper with small touches of ribbon or string; I like pretty much the whole thing – but it worked out, even then, to slightly more than one scarf per day for the rest of the year, even if you generously include the ones I’ve made but not yet sold.

And then I got very unwell-feeling with allergies. (I am allergic to one kind of grass, here, or at least it seems that way – but it blooms or sheds pollen or whatever grass does for two weeks continuously. You think it is done, and then you wake up because it’s tough drawing a comfortable breath. Not in a sense that would make that a very big deal, but enough to be uncomfortable physically and uncomfortable because you feel fairly gross and other people have to be around you. And enough of a misery that the dog worries. And the dog is a stoic.) It put me right out of commission for a while – I’ve been very very slowly knitting a cardigan. But hardly able to even focus on that. 

But I’m feeling better now, and back at it – I pressed the four (4!!) scarves I wove or finished weaving in that first burst of energy (why not accept a challenge, even if it’s absurd? why not accept because it’s absurd?) but the weather stopped cooperating before I could get rough photographs. So I pressed a pile of linen cloths I wove maybe eight months ago, before I really had much idea of how to hem them. I thought I’d figure something out, and I did, eventually – but the down side of that approach is that all the supposedly square cloths ended up as long rectangles instead, because there’s not quite enough room for a decent hem. And I have a warp on the loom for a bag, and of course there’s a bunch of big knitting projects taking time, but all the same, I think I’m going to chase after 220-260 scarves sold just for the quixotic feeling of the thing.

our rivals! 011 (1024x678)  our rivals! 017

Anyway!  At midnight tonight, the 2015 summer sale is on at awkward! All things – even the yarn and patterns this time – are 20% off through July 8th.


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