There’s a little bit of news:

  • I remain terrible at blogging.
  • awkward is running a tiered sale for January.
  • awkward will in fact probably end, or rather close down temporarily to give me time to revamp my approach to indie knitwear (per tentative plans) by March/April 2016; I’ve been uncomfortable with the name for a long time, and have grown more uncomfortable with my approach over the past couple of years. It is really no big thing, but I am running pretty steep (for handmade) discounts to try to clear out as much of the existing inventory as possible, so there’s that.
  • I’m not sure what is next, but I am pretty sure there needs to be a next, even if everything about it is the same except for my approach to it. IT IS TIME TO PUT DOWN A MARKER THAT INDICATES MOVING FORWARD OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.
  • The pattern side should continue apace; I have a pattern for every month this year in some stage of development; some are even completely finished & tech edited and just need better photos and formatting.
  • Also, I got a wooden bowl for putting yarn in so as to take a moody photo; it’s pretty rad. DSC_0027 (1) (1024x686)



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