So! There are two Inew Mouse Army knitting patterns up for grabs: Hallgrímur is a manly/womanly mountain beanie with a design inspired by Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik.

DSC_0024As of this writing, it is the only knitting design I know of that is named after a church named after a man. The pattern is $4, and available here:

The other pattern is called the Mother-of-All shawl, or MOA for short and more ridiculousness. It’s a lovely basic triangle shawl, and the pattern currently costs $0.

It can be found here.

DSC_0150 (1024x677)I wouldn’t necessarily recommend throwing your shawl to the wind, but needs must when the devil drives etc.

With that, we are currently 2/2 for the publish-one-pattern-per-month goal thingy for 2016! The pattern I’m currently refining is a warmer sweater, so it may pop up in February as well, since I don’t want to launch a warm wool sweater design in May. Also in the works: kid and baby sizes, and a couple of cardigans. There’s more day-to-day stuff over on tumblr at (On the other hand, if you are only interested in the serious pattern posts, this probably the right place.)


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