If the provisional crochet cast-on hem is totally new to you, then it might not be totally intuitive when I say “unzip the crochet chain” in a tutorial or pattern, though it will become pretty obvious after you’ve worked this technique once or twice. If it is familiar to you, a step-by-step on this is going to be incredibly tedious, so I’d probably skip this little post.

Unzipping a Provisional Crochet Chain (for the Provisional Crochet Cast-On): 

Behold the crochet chain! And especially that last bump/loop at the end, which leads into the end of the waste yarn, there:


Work this loop free. dsc_0009-1024x680

Now you’ve got the end worked out. Pull this end. dsc_0012-1024x681

Zip! dsc_0013-1024x678Your crochet chain is unraveled! This has only been a drill/tutorial. If this were a real crochet chain cast-on, you would have had your foundation loops on a spare needle before raveling. I hope.


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