quick sizing update for Machina shawl

SO I’ve been trying–for the whole year so far–to design within my yarn limitations, because I’ve built up pretty decent stash without really being a comfortable-with-stash person, and there is a lot of yarn, and if I go haring off after every idea and buying flashy new yarn for it, I won’t use what’s here. (There is also the Expense to consider.) This has been going reasonably well! For the most part, my yarn stores are dwindling in a noticeable way. I might write more about it and my plans in a week or two, or in several months, going by my rate of posting here, but the main topic is a pattern update!

I’m going to try to be really clear without being so specific that no one ever buys a pattern from me again.



I’ve had a lot of people comment on the desire for some larger sizes, so here’s a quick, informal sizing guide! It’s pretty rough, with no real yardage estimates–you’ll want more yarn than the basic pattern requires, because your starting point is going to be wider and you’ll work at the same rate of increase. (I would kind of recommend using extra yarn if you’ve got it anyway–my original idea for this was to add a final repeat of brioche rib, but I ran out and ended up liking the one-skein version anyway.)

Each size up adds about 3″-3.4″ to the size before, so going by memory, when this piece is worn like a capelet, the small collar is about 14″; the medium should end up being about 17″-17.4″ (the cast-on edge is a little tighter than the overall gauge), and the large should be 20″-20.4″.

SIZE SMALL: CO 65 sts. Follow instructions as written.

SIZE MEDIUM: CO 77 sts–and add one to the first […, kx] instruction in the main pattern–for example, if it says k5, k6; if it says k6, then k7. After that, follow the instructions as written. This is probably pretty intuitive if you’re working from the .PDF!

SIZE LARGE: CO 89 sts, and add two to the first […, kx].

In context, this should be pretty obvious, and the pattern is easy to discern. If you’ve got the pattern on hand and that doesn’t make sense for you, please let me know!

If you don’t have the pattern, and want it, here’s the link to the current .PDF! It currently costs a mere $5.


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