the mouse army has a suitably timid, nervous approach to biography, and tends to prefer the ones that have very few facts in them, or the ones that are almost completely fictional. if you would like an artist bio or craftsman’s statement or something like that for publicity purposes, please let me know, and i will gladly make something up.

the mouse army provides rare hand knit goods and, as of 2015, interesting hand knitting patterns that give the maker good wearable accessories and garments.

the mouse army has a complex philosophy, which is still in development.

the mouse army advocates making your own clothes.

the mouse army advocates supporting small artisan shops, even though they are not generally scaleable or anything like that, because it keeps those artisans creating.

the mouse army advocates a thoughtful approach to consumer purchases. choose well, ethically, and with an eye to what will last.

the old new thing: make it yourself, use it up, wear it out, make it last or do without.


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