This page will collect errata for Mouse Army patterns until I find a better solution!

Leif (Spring 2015) 

This section is for the Leif shrug knitting pattern! I will be adding corrections to the pattern as needed, and if you’ve bought the pattern through Ravelry, updated .PDF files will be available to you as soon as they go through. Corrections will have the date on them, so essentially, patterns downloaded before 5/9, for example, will have the errata, and patterns downloaded after corrections were added will not.

5/7/15. Row 26. Row 26 should read: S1, k5, YO, k25, YO, k1, YO, k25, YO, k6

I’m also adding page numbers for ease of reference.

Machina (April 2017) 

4/24/17. Page 4. The text has been clarified to read “10 times more (11 total)”; it originally read “10 times.”


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