A finished, handspun Ginseng cowl.

This cowl was knit using a half-skein of chain-plied handspun from a braid of Malabrigo Nube (probably colorway Glitter. Not sure, though). It’s off gauge–a little bit bigger than the original, because the yarn is more of a heavy fingering/sportweight, and the sock yarn was much finer. handspun-ginsengI haven’t really done an official blog post about the latest patterns! They are both wave samplers, and available already.

Ginseng is the cowl version. It is pretty nice in my opinion.

Ginger is the hat. It is also pretty nice, though it is very lightweight, and it’s got lace eyelets, and I’m sure half the people who think about these things think it is ridiculous to have a hat with holes in it.

The Murph, and the One-Sheep Sweater in General.

this 007 (1024x678)

So I have this thing where I think that every singular fleece needs to make at least one singular sweater; one sheep went into it, or at least one distinct sheep provided most of the wool, and one sheep is worthy of a distinct garment that will with care outlast the sheep, even though the sheep is generally going to be a well-kept specialty wool breed with years ahead of it, etc. Since this is not always necessarily the most economical use of a fantastic fleece for me (it is much quicker finding a home for good mittens than for a good sweater), I tried to get past it, get over it, or something, but I haven’t so far.

And so! Today begins the Murph cardigan, from a sheep called Murphy. (Having spent so much time washing this fleece I feel like we know each other, though we don’t, and I can dispense with formality.) It’s worked up through the shoulders now. I’m trying to faithfully record it on the Ravelry for sake of habit, but I probably won’t. 

which goes where?

handspun for 11/11

I’m doing a lot of spinning right now. Or have done. Or will do. The purple colors are going into the shop at awkward; the vibrant ridiculous is going to be an amazing handspun hand-woven scarf; the green and cream is already a hat and a half (this is what happens when you are making hats using leftover handspun bits. It gets out of hand really quickly. If I have enough green I will probably try to spin a huge, huge skein that will work to finish the pixie bonnet and then be enough for something else, too). There’s another purple soft-spun singles yarn for me to work up, because I’ve got a new hat design I’m refining. It has been a mildly horrible week, but good, too – productive in spite of some difficult things.