Wavey, Again.

DSC_0331 (6)Wavey is finally finished!

It’s the last in its structural triad–it’s loosely part of the same thread as Foxpark and Squidlegs. 



First up: new pattern! It’s called Squidlegs. It is a scarf.

DSC_0578 (1280x848)

Second order of knitting-related business:

I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop, which in some ways is bad (obviously: I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop), but in some ways is possibly good (I am still intent on pursuing them, so that means twelve patterns spread out over the next eight weeks, more or less, and it would be good for me to see what happens when patterns are released more consistently and on a quicker schedule). There’s quite a bit ready or nearly ready to go.

ALSO: want your knits and wovens ready-made? Many of the samples I knit for pattern photos are available for sale here. Through the 30th of November, take 15% off orders over $100, too–do your handmade holiday shopping very slightly early and get rewarded a bit!

yarn problems.

I have simultaneously too much yarn, and not enough; I have plenty of basic wool for sweaters, some of it in sweater amounts! but I don’t have very much in soft next-to-the-neck wool for scarves and shawls and hats. There’s more lightweight fine soft yarn than bulky, but I want to knit and perfect bulky hats! and I generally knit freehand and refine a new idea from there, so it takes a few iterations to be really happy with something. And I don’t want to buy more yarn, because there’s already too much yarn.

So this might mean a few sweaters, finally, and some small soft accessories; it’s led to at least one so far. And I hope to let myself be guided by yarn on hand (exclusively) for at least a little bit longer.


WAVELET is a small, textured earwarmer! It’s made from a modest amount of DK to worsted-weight yarn (about 80 yards, so I am saying 80-90 officially for wiggle room and safety). It’s knit at 18 sts and 26 rows in 4″, which is a little loose if your handspun is DK to sport but nice if you’re using an expansive worsted like Malabrigo Yarns Merino Worsted. (I have two skeins of it left. They were all supposed to be one big thing, but I kept having attention span problems, so now one is the focal point of a large project, and one is going into a scarf to see if it is truly a one-skein scarf or not; it clocks at 200-210 yards in handspun, but it took 230 in bulky discontinued yarns.) It will be free until I have had time to fine-tune it, and get better photos of the third sample, so probably at least until Monday.


Bunny Hat Pattern.

Two quick things for October 13th (because what could possibly go wrong?):

First, there is a flash sale going on in the little shop where I put most of my handknit samples and the occasional woven cloth. I’ve had the same host site for years, and it’s gone through a lot of changes that I haven’t necessarily enjoyed very much, but now I am no longer getting a lot of traffic from the site itself, so I’m looking for a good alternative to it.

Second, there is a knitting pattern up! If you’d rather knit your own hat, Bunny is my newest one.

DSC_0301 (559x1024) (559x1024)

September’s Free Pattern is Almost Here!

It’s a cowl. And a different cowl. And a third cowl. And a headband/earwarmer. For a quick and simple free pattern, it got out of hand really fast.

September’s free pattern is about ready to go live! You’ll be able to find it here when it does. (It will probably run through mid-October, and overlap with October’s bonus pattern, which goes pretty well with this one…)

It doesn’t have a very good name; I’ve titled it after the stitch inspiration, so far (though this is a little different–a modified version of the stitch itself, plus altered to knit up in the round, which is frankly easier, for me, than working it flat). I ended up spending a lot of time on what was really meant to be a quick, chunky-knit, easy pattern–easy for me to write as well as easy to work–but it got out of hand, and while it’s still a relatively simple and quick project, it ended up having four variations written out. You can knit four different projects from this pattern: a headband/neckwarmer, a basic cowl, a larger cowl with shaping, and the largest version, which will fit some as a capelet and fit everyone as a big cowl. Gauge is a little important–if you knit it too tight, the smallest won’t fit, and the larger ones won’t fit right–but not as important as it would be for a sweater.

If you knit this in handspun, I really want to see it! I’ll be lurking generally on the activity thread for my pattern page, but specifically hopeful about art-yarn cowl possibilities; if I have time, I might make another one myself.

Thanks for reading! If you knit the ribboned stockinette cowl, I hope you like it.

New knitting patterns up! Very Large Array shawl & Flatlander Scarf.

Realistically, I’m about two months behind on my pattern goals for 2017, but August did see two new projects! The first was VLA shawl: a shawl knit up in 3 skeins of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok 150, very large and pretty simple. It’s knit from the bottom up, so there’s no long bind-off edge involved, and the pace of the project picks up as you go along. It makes a nice cozy project for fall. DSC_0004 (1) (678x1024)

It’s $5 US at the moment.

The second pattern is related to VLA, a kind of companion knit! (These are related to each other, and to the Dog Days 1 mini-project.) It was offered as a free download at least through 9/4/17, and after that, it will be available for a small fee. See it here on Ravelry.DSC_0029 (6) (1024x678)

It’s very hazy here, due to the wildfires burning in other places, and there’s a no-active-outdoors stuff advisory for the Front Range apparently, and I’ve kind of chosen to pay attention to it because it is really pretty rough out there from a breathing/visibility perspective. So I am dealing with super weird summer cabin fever, and not proud of it, because “can’t run around outside adequately” seems like a small concern in the scheme of things.