Wavey, Again.

DSC_0331 (6)Wavey is finally finished!

It’s the last in its structural triad–it’s loosely part of the same thread as Foxpark and Squidlegs. 



First up: new pattern! It’s called Squidlegs. It is a scarf.

DSC_0578 (1280x848)

Second order of knitting-related business:

I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop, which in some ways is bad (obviously: I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop), but in some ways is possibly good (I am still intent on pursuing them, so that means twelve patterns spread out over the next eight weeks, more or less, and it would be good for me to see what happens when patterns are released more consistently and on a quicker schedule). There’s quite a bit ready or nearly ready to go.

ALSO: want your knits and wovens ready-made? Many of the samples I knit for pattern photos are available for sale here. Through the 30th of November, take 15% off orders over $100, too–do your handmade holiday shopping very slightly early and get rewarded a bit!

Spring Feverish Series Sale, because it’s springtime somewhere, right?

I’ve just updated the Spring Feverish patterns! Now when you purchase all four of them, they’re only $3 per pattern, which is about $6 off what the total would be if you purchased them all separately, although in this case if you did purchase one of these previously, and did it via Ravelry, it will still count towards the set of four. So. You’d get a retroactive discount, sort of.

Four patterns, $12US, nice mini-projects, and every one can be worn as a neckerchief or a headwrap by average adults.  Here’s a handy link to all four.

Spring Feverish 2!


Spring Feverish 2 is live! springfeverishsmallgauge

It’s a little scarf!springfeverish2main

There’s also a centered decrease discussion post just past this one, if you’re interested in that kind of thing. (It’s related to this kerchief.) I’ve actually gotten some kind notes and encouragement on the Terrible Techniques series, which is a little bit beyond my ken, though I really appreciate it in a sort of baffled way. Thanks!

New Pattern: Frank


Frank is a good basic watchcap-style beanie; the warm tweed yarn really makes the hat!

It’s a structural sibling to my other hat, Driggs, but a little less absurdist, so you can knit one for yourself if you are a serious person with serious business to attend. Professional in a cold winter city? Knit this up in the luxury yarn substitute for the one I used (Queensland Collection Kathmandu=Jo Sharp Silk Road) for a warm, presentable topper.

Wear it with the brim folded for a classic watchcap look; wear it flat (this works at least for smaller sizes) and slouch it slightly for a look that is more casual and modern.

(There’s no reason why you can’t knit and wear Driggs as well, but it has a different effect when paired with the business casual ensemble I’m imagining.)


reallyreally 003 (710x1024)


It is exciting, but I am kinda amused at myself for being relatively unenthralled by the very pretty hand-dyed stuff because I also got PLAIN COTTON YARN for weaving


(I might really need something like that – something quiet and practical where it is what it is, and you end up with a length of cloth or a made object from a length of cloth and it’s just what it is, and of course there are subjective values to it, and you can think it is totally ugly while I love it to stupid pieces, but ultimately is it a cloth? is it still a cloth now or did it wear out prematurely? y/n. also, weaving is not very portable, or something you [really: I] can do while you read or involve yourself in other things; weaving is Alone Time. Anyway, I am surprised by my reaction to this cotton as soothing, since I am still pretty big into a non-yarn-accumulating phase, and even though this yarn essentially amounts to the entire projected 2015 Summer/preFall/Fall awkward/mouse army Collection, whatever that will be in the end,* it’s still a lot of yarn without as immediate a purpose as the pattern-test stuff; I had genuinely expected to feel slightly anxious and unhappy, knowing this is yarn that should stick around all year.** But instead, I am just pretty stoked about the weaving.)

ALSO I finished a prototype and took a decent photo of a little snippet of it and now I don’t know what to do because it will take me at least a month to have the whole thing done and then more time to have it checked and the real professionals don’t go posting pretty photos just because they’re so pretty; they are cool and level-headed and don’t. right.

*I feel very far behind on this, and am; a few weeks ago I had a lot of interest in my summery market bags, and got the sweetest notes about them, but I was knitting shrugs then and couldn’t really replace them as they sold. And the market bags I was making were surprisingly labor-intensive.

**Ideally that means “through August,” but pragmatically it might be literal.

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