march madness.

Today is gloomy, icy, and wet. We’ve been spoilt by a week of warm spring weather, and cabin fever set in immediately.  Small Dog stole both of my shoes – she likes to grab them by the laces and swing them around as she proudly trots away with them – and Not My Dog carried his bed to a spot behind the big sofa in apparent disappointment. We’ve already forgotten -17.


the dog: transportation and general care


Lately I’ve been a little preoccupied with finding ways to transport the dog. And me.

When she was a puppy, I spent a lot of time gradually acclimating her to car travel with longer and longer trips so as to make sure she could ride comfortably (and not barf), and a side-effect of this is that she always wants to go everywhere and car rides are one of her joys in life, and while I am pretty ambivalent about cars getting used all the time (I think they are useful and probably necessary around here; you can do without one entirely, but it’ll make your life a lot smaller. So I am not strongly anti- or pro-, and it would be hard for me to get my head around being either of those things, but I am kind of wanting a reliable car all to myself for the first time in my life, and I am also acutely aware of how bizarre and self-indulgent when removed from this little pocket of culture where it is normal to have multiple huge expensive internal combustion powered thingies per household or even per person, etc.), it pains me to, you know, wantonly determine that I will insist on imposing an urban Euro sensibility on my almost-rural Western North American lifestyle and bike to buy some broccoli and see my little dog go from hopeful wagging to disappointment and resignation about staying home.

This is also, incidentally, where I think it must be easier to have a little dog who is truly little, because honestly I think dudes with little dogs can spend modest money on a safe carrier pannier set and take two little dogs around, whereas I’ve been looking for a year at kitting myself out with a Cycletote dog cart, which with the braking system costs more than the touring bike I have also been wisting over (very casually).

CONCLUSION: We need more road trips of all kinds! and I am a little anxious about the investment and maintenance and all the gear, but I do not want Small Dog’s life to be smaller than it could be in breadth of experience just because I am intimidated and/or feel silly and eccentric about someday having a bike tote cart with a dog in it.


I have been trying to cut Small Dog’s hair, in part yes because the locks on top of her head are very soft and I am kinda thinking about an arty yarn (you could call it Moon Moon! Yarn named after a played-out meme! It’d be great! Also it is really soft and she does not have much if any dog-smell, even when she’s been a while without a bath. There’s less wet-animal odor than you get from a lot of clean alpaca fiber) and in part because I’d always meant to but get nervous about it, and in part because I have to keep this haircut stuff very separate from the fiber arts stuff obviously, and in (third) part because while she can get a little annoyed and I am more than happy to pay a professional to be that villain, overall she seems happier for it – she’ll sulk briefly, but then come up for attention an hour later, like no big deal, dude. So it is a thing I want to know how to do myself, because if I do it myself I can do it every month or so and always have a superclean neat dog who can go anywhere with me, but I am also just not very good at it, and aware that I will only get better by not only studying and researching but by actually doing the thing and practicing. So she currently looks slightly ridiculous and not a whole lot less scruffy, and her paws are not properly shaved (c’mon though; I am shaving her nose and her feet, that’s got to tickle in a horrible way), and she’s more muppet-looking than before. And I’ll probably get her a proper professional groom so she can have shorter fur. But I really want to get good at it, so I might put her through another amateur nite style haircut before that. (I am pretty sure grooming is like a car wash: the first warm week of spring and everyone wants one, so it will probably be a while.)